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Making Your Family More Proactive About Their Health

Posted on 7/20/2018 by Michael Westendorf, DDS
Making Your Family More Proactive About Their HealthThe best way to have good, healthy habits is to start young. Perhaps when you were a child you had bad experiences with a dentist, but things have changed and new technologies make procedures that were painful, very smooth.

Dental professionals place great importance in patient comfort. We want you to take care of your mouth and we do everything in our power to treat you without pain. Making your family more proactive about their health can be one of the most important things you do.

Healthy, happy kids, usually grow up to be healthy, happy adults. If you created the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, your family will not need to visit a doctor, other than for annual checkups or physicals, and they can also avoid painful dental procedures later in life.

Eating Healthy

Everything starts with the foods you eat. A healthy diet that includes all the food groups and a good amount of fruits and vegetables is essential for a healthy body. You can start with good habits when your kids are young and get them used to trying a variety of foods. Don't let them skip their fruits and vegetables at least once a day.


Being physically active is one of the best gifts you can give to your children. With modern technology, people are becoming more and more sedentary, resulting in increased health conditions, some of them serious.

Visiting the Dentist Regularly

Oral health and overall health go hand in hand. If you visit the doctor, but skip the dentist, you may be doing your kids a disservice. Keep their bi-annual appointments from a young age, so they continue the practice as adults.

Making your family more proactive about their health starts with you, so set a good example early on.
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