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Biological Dentistry
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Woman smiling after visit to Ruther Family Dentistry in Cincinnati, OHBiological dentistry takes an entirely new methodology to oral health that prohibits the application of invasive treatments, mercury, other toxins, or medication with side effects.

Biological dentistry promotes preventative care and conservative alternative treatments for the whole body and the mouth's health.

Biological dentists take a non-pharmaceutical approach to preventing the onset or progression of diseases, mainly through dietary modifications. They also deal with less well-known systemic disorders that have their roots in poor dental hygiene.

Biological dentists believe in the link between the mouth and the body. This means that a person's dental health is closely related to overall health.

Why Should You Choose a Biological Dentist?

Free and Safe of Mercury

Biological dentists use methods that are mercury-safe and mercury-free. That may seem obvious given the numerous health conditions associated with mercury exposure, including autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, miscarriages, autism spectrum disorder, and many more.

Even so, traditional dentists still inject patients with mercury. These cavity fillers, sometimes known as amalgam fillings or silver fillings, comprise 50% mercury in mass, which we are all aware is a poisonous heavy metal.

Mercury is harmful to everyone, particularly to individuals who are already subjected to other heavy metals or those who grind teeth. Biological dentists are aware of these harmful impacts of mercury and, therefore, entirely avoid the use of it in their procedures.

Biological Dentists Treat the Entire Body as a Whole

Biological dentists are concerned not only for your dental health but for your entire body's health as a whole.

We don't realize it, but sometimes symptoms with health problems are generally caused due to dental cavities. However, biological dentists are aware that all these dental cavities are technically away from the affected region and difficult to spot; therefore, they search for cavities when they have a suspicion.

Biological dentistry goes beyond just acknowledging that heart diseases and gum disease are related. The link between gum disease and heart disease is generally acknowledged. However, biological dentistry goes further.

It is essential to comprehend that poor dental health is associated with practically every clinical manifestation under the sun. But biological dentists seek to establish a causal relationship between poor dental health and overall health.

Eliminates the Need for Root Canals

Root canals are typically avoided by biological dentists until actually required. They prefer to remove the tooth first, then install an allergy- and metal-free replacement.

A root canal treatment involves taking out the core of the tooth, cleansing it, and then sealing it.

Despite the fact that root canal procedures have been carried out for 20 decades, science has evolved to the extent that there are now practical root canal solutions that are less aggressive, traumatizing, and uncomfortable.

Root canals are widely prescribed by traditional dentists. A root canal could be performed by a dentist simply to be cautious or just because it's provided by health insurance.
Regrettably, root canals have the possibility of leaving an infection behind, causing a tooth ulcer, and damaging the tooth's integrity.

Our team at Ruther Family Dentistry always consider a patient's overall safety first. Their guidance will always be for their patients' betterment.

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Our team at Ruther Family Dentistry in Cincinnati always consider a patient's overall safety first. Their guidance will always be for their patients' betterment.
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