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Ceramic Implants
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Losing a tooth through tooth extraction or some other way is a significant life event. It can completely change the way you look and affect your smile. Not to mention, it can cause difficulty in chewing and enjoying your favorite meals.

A dental implant is often the best option in such a situation. Dental implants typically come in two main types: titanium implants and ceramic implants.

What are Ceramic Implants?

The first-ever implants were made of titanium and have been around since 1960. However, ceramic implants are a more recent development discovered only two decades ago. They are made to be an alternative for people who are sensitive to or allergic to titanium, have autoimmune disorders or electrochemical sensitivities to metals, or just don't want any metals in their bodies.

Zirconium oxide, a crystalline form of zirconium that is harmless if utilized in the body, is the substance that gives ceramic implants their tooth-colored appearance. This is why ceramic implants are also frequently referred to as "zirconia implants." Zirconia has been applied in different medical procedures, including orthopedic surgery for ceramic hip implants, and is exceedingly strong.

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How Ceramic Implants Differ From Titanium Ones

Titanium and zirconia are both regarded as biocompatible materials that osseointegrate with the jawbone to create a solid and reliable framework for your dental replacement.

However, titanium and zirconium implants differ significantly in a number of important ways. The fact that ceramic dental implants are corrosion-resistant and non-conductive may be one of the largest differences. No ions are released by them. Zirconia is naturally the same color as teeth and doesn't allow the gingival line of patients to appear gray, but titanium implants can occasionally generate a grayish tint in the patients' gums with those who have weak gums. A zirconia dental implant has better blood flow around the gums than a titanium implant. This results in the tissues around the implant receiving more nutrition. In comparison to titanium implants, zirconia has less susceptibility to plaque.Titanium on the other hand, is less prone to fracture in posterior areas and is a stronger option to use when available bone is limited and the dental implant size is a concern.

Some More Considerations Regarding Ceramic Implants

Both titanium and ceramic dental implants have received approval from the United States FDA and are regarded as safe alternatives. Ceramic implants are a costlier alternative because of their manufacturing process and the method they must be inserted into the mouth.

A drawback of zirconia implants is that they are prone to fracturing, even though they are more durable now than in the past. This is essential to be aware of, particularly if you have strong jaw muscles or grind your teeth.

The choice between titanium and ceramic implants also depends on the number of implants you need and the condition of your jawbone. This is because ceramic implants are usually one piece instead of two pieces for titanium implants, which gives the dentist little flexibility when placing them into your mouth.

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Only an experienced dentist will be able to guide you on which dental implants are a better choice for you. Now that you know the difference between titanium and ceramic implants, a dental implant procedure will also be easier to follow.

At Ruther Family Dentistry, you can avail top-notch consultancy with our doctor. We offer both dental implant options; titanium implants and ceramic implants.
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At Ruther Family Dentistry, you can avail top-notch consultancy with our doctor. We offer both dental implant options; titanium implants and ceramic implants.
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