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Holistic Dentistry

man smilingHolistic dentistry is a traditional dental care alternative and can be viewed as a complementary form of dental care. Recently, holistic dentistry has gained popularity as it offers a holistic approach to dental health. At Ruther Family Dentistry, Dr. Ruther uses comprehensive, holistic techniques in combination with standard dental practices to provide you with top-notch dental care.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is a type of dental care known as natural or biocompatible dentistry. It approaches oral hygiene and health from a holistic perspective and considers how your overall health can impact your oral health and vice versa. When our dentists practice holistic dentistry, they treat oral problems by considering all aspects of the patient’s health, including emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

How Does Holistic Dentistry Differ From Traditional Dentistry?

At Ruther Family Dentistry, our holistic dentists incorporate traditional modes of treatment in their holistic approach. That said, here are the significant differences between these two dentistry approaches.


The perspective and philosophy that gives rise to these dental practices vary. Traditional dentistry focuses on dental health and treating a problem that affects the jaw, teeth, and gums. Conversely, holistic dentistry treats dental problems by focusing on your entire health.


Traditional dentistry treatments typically include fillings, brushing, braces, and fillings. Holistic dentistry therapies include nutrition education, aromatherapy, hypnosis, homoeopathy, Ayurveda, herbology, and electroacupuncture. For instance, if you have gum disease, our holistic dentists will focus on nutritional therapies that can help relieve pain on top of offering standard dental services.


Holistic dentistry focuses on the use of natural or biocompatible materials instead of relying on substances used in traditional dentistry. Biocompatibility essentially refers to how a substance can affect a person’s body. Before using a specific material in treatment, our holistic dentist will perform a harmless biocompatibility test. This will determine if the substance is compatible with your immune system and body.

The materials we use in holistic dentistry are all natural. For instance, if you have gingivitis, we will prescribe an herbal mouthwash to ease your pain and inflammation instead of prescribing a medicated mouthwash that might not suit your immune system. Moreover, other holistic remedies and materials include neem toothpaste, herbal tooth powder, composite fillings, and propolis.

What Are the Benefits of Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is gaining more popularity with each passing day due to its all-natural appeal. However, its long-term benefits will only be established with extensive research. That said, you must choose holistic dentistry if the following matter to you.
•  Natural dental care and treatments
•  Biocompatible materials for oral health
•  A keen focus on whole-health treatment
•  Alternative therapies for oral care
•  Avoiding mercury and fluoride or being allergic to them

If you want to benefit from holistic dentistry services, our team will offer a detailed consultation and take care of your dental needs. We will perform a quick biocompatibility test before using any material in your dental treatment to ensure it promotes your overall well-being.
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